What works won’t always work

What works for you now won’t always work for you; your daily routine, favorite food, group of friends, current job or project, hobbies…

Why? Because your preferences and needs change over time; it’s important to know and embrace that.

Self-awareness, the ability to notice when something just isn’t working for you anymore, is an incredible quality.

What I find interesting is that when we find ourselves at a crossroads, knowing that our routine is no longer working for us, we often get stressed and overwhelmed.

Why don’t we realize that this is just what comes with being a person?

I think that in those moments, the worst thing we can do is judge ourselves.

The more we embrace change (especially as it relates to our needs and dreams,) the more rewarding our lives are… and the only way to truly embrace our changing desires and goals is to make changes to our environment and daily routine.

“For two years I was constantly in this get-after-it attitude… At that phase in my life, I was able to handle it. A few years later, I recognize what my body needs (rest) and craves (mobility),” said my friend Sabrina in one of her blog posts.

Maybe the change you need is to cut back on your workout routine, or maybe it means getting a new job. Maybe it’s making the painful decision to get out of a failing relationship, or maybe it’s just picking up a new hobby.

Whatever it is, it’s never easy to make changes to our routine. 

However, doing so is critical to maintaining your sense of satisfaction and pride — in knowing you’re living your best life.

The beauty of being adaptable is that you’re not only able to recognize the moments when your interests and priorities are pivoting, but you’re equipped with the bravery and confidence to respond by making the necessary changes to your life. 

As Sabrina beautifully said, The challenging part is figuring out what works best and when. The good news? There is no rush.” 

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