How Couples Can Start the Day Feeling Connected

Are you struggling to feel connected to your partner? Do you want to adopt a routine that makes you feel close as a couple?

It’s time to make some changes in your daily routine to create closeness.

For both Joel and I, it’s important to start the day feeling connected.

The reason being is that we spend most of the day apart.

Given that we spend more time each week with our coworkers than our spouses, it’s important to be smart about how you use your limited time at home.

Without taking an active approach to creating routines and habits as a couple, it’s easy to feel disconnected.

In building a morning routine, Joel and I have gotten closer to each other. 

Our morning routine is probably one of the best parts of my day because it’s time dedicated to us as a couple.

Building a morning routine:

Creating a morning routine was critical in order for Joel and I to start the day feeling connected.

We started to realize a lack of connection due to time spent apart, so we took action to remedy that.

We crafted a morning routine that is short, sweet and simple; it’s easy to implement every single morning, regardless of how busy or hectic our schedules are.

That is an important thing to consider because it’s easy for shame to bubble up when we don’t stick to our desired goals.

By creating a routine that was easy, and only incorporated three things, we set ourselves up for success.

There are three things that we do every morning in order to start the day feeling connected and close to one another:

  • Prepare: Set yourself up for a successful day and week by planning ahead. Do meal prep and think about what you’re going to wear to work and what you’ll be eating for breakfast and lunch, so you can gather everything the night before. When you have everything organized, you don’t have to scramble to get ready in the morning. You also aren’t asking your brain to make decisions early in the day. This means less stress, which is always a good thing. Stress is a killer of connection.
  • Emotional check-in: Since Joel typically wakes up a little later than me, we usually run on different schedules in the morning. As a way of connecting, Joel pops into my bathroom every morning when I’m getting ready to ask me how I’m feeling. It’s during this time that we do our daily emotional check-in to see where the other one is at. We ask each other questions and make sure that we’re clued into what’s going on with the other one. Whether it’s emotional, physical or logistical, we make sure we understand where the other one is coming from.
  • Hug: This is probably the *most* important of the three parts. Hugs are medicine, people. They make you feel connected. Hugs make you feel loved and cared for. You’re going to show up more powerfully during the day when you leave your home feeling loved and appreciated.

If you want to start the day feeling connected to your partner, these three things will definitely help!

What do you think? What activities are a part of your morning routine?

Share them in the comments below!

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