How To Share Your Story On Social Media

Are you looking to share your story online? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with how to get started in sharing your story?

Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of content on social media.

When we tell stories, we elicit emotion and create a connection.

When we share our personal story, we allow people to feel closer to us.

I recently learned of an exercise that enabled me to tell my story (in a short and sweet format) on social media.

The exercise is simple: tell your life story in five minutes.

The goal of the exercise is to encourage you to just get started!

The exercise helps you to overcome your fear and overwhelm and just take the first step in telling your story.

Why it works:

The exercise is impactful because it actually works.

Since the challenge is to share your life story in just five minutes, you can’t use lack of time as an excuse anymore. You totally have the ability to carve out five minutes to do this exercise.

The other reason why it works is that it gives you structure; you know that you have a five-minute cut-off.

It’s easier to share your story when you know that you have a specific timeframe in which to share it. It takes the pressure off you to say as much as you think of, which would be totally exhausting!

Are you going to forget parts of your story in this exercise?

Of course! You only have five minutes; that isn’t nearly enough time to share everything!

The point: seeing which parts of your story stand out and are worth mentioning.

Watch the video to hear my life story shared in five minutes and the takeaways I got from the exercise! 

If you enjoy this exercise, I encourage you to do it again!

Share your story in just five minutes again, and see which parts you repeat.

In summary, when we share our story on social media, we bring our fans into our world and create a real relationship with them.

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