How To Use Rainbow Cards To Inspire Self-love

Have you heard of rainbow cards? If you haven’t, this post was made for you.

Rainbow cards are an incredible tool that can enable you to tap into your self-confidence.

By using this tool, you can become more secure and comfortable in your own skin.

Helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin is definitely a goal of mine.

That’s why my therapist introduced me to this tool years ago.

Understanding the tool:

If you’ve been feeling insecure, you need a strong dosage of self-love.

Self-love is sort of like an exercise. It’s something that gets easier the more time you spend practicing.

That’s why rainbow cards are an incredibly effective tool; they help you grow your self-love.

Here’s how rainbow cards work: you get a stack of small index cards (they have to be small, so you can fit them into your pocket) and write down as many positive, self-proclamations as possible.

The cards should be bound together somehow so that they function as a slide deck rather than individual cards. By binding the cards together, they really become a tool that you can grab at any point when you need an uplift.

You’ll write one positive statement on each card. Write down something that you love about yourself.

Some examples of sentences that you can write on your rainbow cards:

  • I am empathetic
  • I am a hard worker
  • I am strong
  • I am passionate
  • I bring energy with me wherever I go

I recommend filling out 10 of these cards in your first sit-down when creating your rainbow cards.

However, it’s not enough to just fill out the rainbow cards. In order to make this tool effective, you have to use them when you need them.

Whenever you’re feeling down, you grab for that stack of cards and you read them to yourself out loud.

Reminding yourself of all of the positive characteristics that you have is a sure-fire way to tap into self-love.

Reading these cards helps you feel more confident and centered.

Whenever I feel down, anxious or just need a boost of confidence, I reach for my rainbow cards and read them. 

This tool can be a great way to help you tap into your self-love.

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