Why I’m not changing my name with marriage

Are you getting married? Have you given thought into whether you’re going to change your name with marriage?

There’s something about women changing their name with marriage that I’ve never been able to understand.

Maybe it’s because I come from two parents who decided to hyphenate their last names.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent 27+ years living with this identity that I can’t imagine changing it.

It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to, as I’ll be getting married in a number of months.

I decided that I wasn’t going to be changing my name with marriage.

While I totally understand the reasoning behind why women change their name with marriage, I’ve decided that it’s not for me.

Keeping my identity:

Our name is our identity.

That’s just one of the reasons why I wanted to keep my name; because I know myself as Julia Jornsay-Silverberg.

Our name carries our past.

That’s another reason why I wanted to keep my name; because the people in my past know my last name.

I’ve always found it bizarre that when I log into Facebook, it can take me minutes (first world problems, right?) to find someone that was recently married because of a name change.

“Allison Smith? Who the hell is Allison Smith,” I notice myself thinking as I’m scrolling through my newsfeed. It takes a little Facebook stalking to jog my memory that Allison Smith is, in fact, Allison Markowitz, that girl who went to my high school but got married last month.

Our name carries pride.

The last reason why I’m keeping my name is that I’m proud of it.

Jornsay is my mom’s last name, and Silverberg is my dad’s. My sister and I are the *only* Jornsay-Silverberg’s in the entire world, and that’s pretty rad.

I want to carry my parents’ names with me forever because they have shaped me forever.

While I know everyone is different, I’ve found so many women that resonate with this way of thinking and it’s been so exciting to share our opinions on this subject!

What’s your take?

Share it in the comments below!

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