Moving to a new URL

Today is the last day I’ll be posting a blog.

Hah! Just kidding.

I got your attention though, right?

The reality is I’ll be moving to a new URL!

Here are some details about my new website that I’ll be unveiling in September:

Who should visit: small business owners and/or anyone eager to learn more about digital marketing and how we can work together to expand your online presence. (I also encourage my friends & family to check out the site and provide me with feedback!)

What it is: a more robust, professional website that will feature my blog, my story (how I came to be where I am today and why I am passionate about helping small businesses expand their online presence,) my background and testimonials from some awesome people who I’ve been fortunate to work with.

headshot2When you’ll be able to visit: September; stay tuned for more announcements via Twitter!

Why: This blog was created years ago as an outlet for my thoughts and insights. Since then, my priorities and passions have shifted and I need a website that reflects that growth. Plus, to be totally honest, I’m a WordPress geek and was eager to dig in to the suite of plugins available for self-hosted websites.

While I won’t be launching the new site in the upcoming weeks, I encourage you to subscribe to my blog today via email!

By subscribing, you’ll continue to receive my blog posts when I transition over to the new URL!

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