Show your strength: ask for help

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I’ve never understood why people have such a hard time asking for help.

It seems like we fall into a trap that we have to do it all.

Entrepreneurs starting their own businesses get overwhelmed and completely bogged down when they try to handle every aspect of their business from creating the product, to managing finances, to building a pipeline of leads.

Why do we shy away from telling people “I’m struggling with this”?

When and why did we start thinking that doing everything alone, and not asking for help, was a sign of strength?

I think that we need to learn how to stop judging ourselves for needing help. Removing the judgment will make it easier for us to ask when we really need it.

Processed with MoldivSeeing as how it takes bravery and confidence to admit that you need help, I believe that asking for help is a strength.

Not one person is an expert in everything – and that’s a very good thing.

In fact, the differences we exhibit in terms of our expertise and passion are exactly what make the world so beautiful.

We all have different skill sets and interests; we need to learn how to utilize and rely on the support, strengths and services that others can provide to help us build something remarkable.

I believe that asking someone for help is an opportunity to showcase what your unique strengths are.

I also believe that by admitting that you aren’t an expert in one area, you create opportunities for collaboration and/or brainstorming with someone who views things differently.

Admitting that you need help doesn’t mean that you’re incapable; it means that you’re committed to quality and/or building relationships.

The sooner we can look at asking for help as a strength, rather than a weakness, the better work we will produce and the more connections we will make in the process.

The world is filled with remarkable and talented people who are eager and willing to help, and you never know what opportunities or connections could result from reaching out and asking for a hand.

The next time you need a favor, think about the opportunities that could result from being brave, showing your strengths and asking for help.

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