Changing the chatter

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At Revolution Why, I will be presenting a session called “Changing the chatter.”

Through the session, I will be discussing self-talk and the importance of tuning in to it, and making an active effort to ensure that it is positive.

I believe that we often feed ourselves thoughts, sometimes beliefs, that don’t work for us – they aren’t beneficial.

After a transformational conversation with Greg Faxon, one of the creators of the conference, I realized that I was feeding myself a story that wasn’t true.

I was telling myself that I view my value and self-worth based on my accomplishments.

While this story has pushed me to accomplish a lot in my twenty-six years on earth, it’s no longer working for me.

Having a laser-like focus on achievement isn’t serving me anymore.

Processed with Moldiv

Greg asked me to write a list of fears and through that exercise, I came to realize that most of my greatest fears all had one thing in common: relationships and connection with others.

That conversation inspired me to reshape my story.

I’m now viewing my self-worth based on my ability (and genuine desire) to connect with others; this story feels a lot more genuine.

This new story works.

That transformational conversation made me wonder how many other people out there are selling themselves short by feeding themselves a negative or dishonest story.

So when Greg asked me what I wanted to talk about and present on in October, it was a no-brainer.

Although registration for Rev Y is closed, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter and/or comment below to share your thoughts about self-talk. 

I would love to hear your own experiences with changing your internal chatter!

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