Smiling from shipping 

It used to be a challenge for me to blog at all, let alone every day which is what I committed to as part of the RuckusmakersChallenge.

“There were moments when I tried to justify why I shouldn’t share certain things, but I knew that in those moments were the exact reason why I should continue to write”, said my fellow Ruckusmaker about the challenge. 

It wasn’t challenging to come up with stuff to write. (I’m pretty opinionated and expressive, so the thoughts and feelings are there.)

I just hard a hard time “shipping”.

I let myself get caught up in perfectionism and it would prevent me from publishing my posts.

I used to have a much harder time ripping the band-aid and being okay with “good enough.” 

However, the new friends I’ve made through Ruckusmakers have helped me overcome the fear and increase my level of bravery and confidence in speaking my truths.

speaking to seth2It’s been easier than ever to put the pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard,) get my thoughts out and just hit publish – and once I started (March 8 started my daily blogging streak,) it’s been hard (dare I say impossible?!) to think about taking a hiatus from blogging.

While I can’t promise that I’ll have the time or ability to blog every single day as I have been, I’ve been smiling from shipping and it’s a feeling that I won’t soon forget.

Thank you to everyone who reads my posts — and an even bigger thank you goes to those who have taken the time to drop a note or leave a comment expressing how the post made them feel.

The feedback I’ve received throughout the past few weeks has been incredibly motivating and rewarding, and I encourage any bashful bloggers to rip the band-aid and ship one today! 

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