Keep moving 

My friend Sabrina recently wrote a blog post titled “problem solve.”

In the post, she elaborates on how we operate under a belief that hard work should always pay off – and it’s a dangerous belief to operate under because it often leaves us disappointed.

Even though what you’re working on may take you a ton of time to write or do, it may not be that good. And that’s okay. The opposite is also true: if it took you two minutes, it can be completely worth it. Be okay with good enough, move on and make something better,” shared Sabrina.

It’s great advice that’s easier said than done.

As an overachiever, I have such a hard time “being okay with good enough.”

My blog posts are often revised 20 times before I work up the courage to post them.

But Seth Godin taught me, and Sabrina reminded me, that setbacks are not something to fear. 

Setbacks shouldn’t rock your confidence. 

Setbacks are necessary because experiencing them allows us to learn, grow and improve. 

I like to use the phrase “practice makes progress,” because I don’t believe in perfect.

There will never be a perfect blog post or yoga class, but that’s why you practice – to learn, grow and improve. 

Understand that the effort that you put in to your work is enough,” Sabrina said. 

Regardless of the outcome, it’s important to understand (and take pride from) that you made your best effort, learned from the experience and are ready to keep moving. 

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