This tribe 

I would’ve thought the “high” of Ruckusmakers would wear off by now, but it hasn’t.

It’s like each day is more exciting because I have found this tribe of people who I am proud to belong to.

Did I mention they’ve been giving me incredible reading material?!

I’ve been reading blog posts from Tara and Sabrina about the importance of choosing yourself, learning how to see and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone

Lindsay inspired me writing about connections, and Luis wrote a great post about never saying never.

ruckusmakers1I didn’t even meet Fraser but he wrote a blog that really resonated with me — and that just goes to show the reality / truth behind our mantra: “people like us do things like this.”

People like us reflect on our experiences and share them with the world (often through writing) as a way of not only pushing ourselves, but trying to leave a positive mark on the people around us. 

People like us like people who make us want to push ourselves to be the greatest possible person we could be.

I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve found them, this tribe, this early in my life.

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