Step outside 

I recently had the chance to speak to a fellow Ruckusmaker, someone who I deeply admire and respect, Greg Faxon.

Greg and I spoke about a lot; what I was working on, what my challenges were and what my mantras were.

We discussed my thinking patterns and goals.

It was an amazing conversation which I hope was just the first of many.

While discussing my tendencies, hopes and fears, I started to realize almost immediately that some of my tendencies were feeding my fears; some of my behaviors were stunting my bravery.

Greg is a coach who coincidentally happens to be working on something called the bravery project.

I say coincidentally because you have to be the brave one when speaking to Greg; you have to be willing, and ready, to be open, honest and vulnerable…and if you are, boy is it worth it.

All it took was talking to Greg, stepping outside of my own head and narrative, to realize that my current way of viewing success wasn’t working. 

The mantras that served me well as a student were no longer serving me in my professional career — but it feels scary to let them go because we have the tendency to resist change.

I realized that my laser-focus to see the end result of my work is preventing me from enjoying the process of actually doing the work.

There were so many takeaways from the conversation, many which won’t apply to you.

The one thing I feel confident passing on to anyone working on themselves, working through a challenge is to step outside.

The world is filled with a tremendous amount of remarkable people.

I can guarantee that you’ll meet one, just as I have met many in my fellow Ruckusmakers, that if you let them will help you feel confident being vulnerable; brave enough to voice your fears and open enough to adopt a new perspective not just on yourself (or your mantras,) but the world at large.

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