The ShipIt Journal 

On Tuesday night, I picked up the ShipIt Journal for the first time since Ruckusmakers.

It wasn’t easy; it had been haunting me from my office desk since the day I got back.

Each time I had tried to sit down with it, with one specific project in mind, I fell flat.

shipitThe motivation wasn’t there; the ideas weren’t there. Most importantly, the anxiety wasn’t there.

I think that’s the first point of the ShipIt Journal: to figure out if your project is worth it.

What I consider to be my “main project” has since shifted, and that made filling out the ShipIt Journal an incredibly different experience.

It was much easier and much more rewarding.

I was no longer guessing, I was owning truths.

The feeling of excitement and anxiety I felt when filling out the questions in the journal let me know I had chosen wisely; I’m working on the right thing.

It’s incredibly rewarding/exciting/inspiring to feel like you’re in the right place.

By showing me where my heart really lays, I feel like the ShipIt Journal helped me get there.

Thanks, Seth. 

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