Courage has a ripple effect

Fellow Ruckusmaker, Tamara, recently wrote another post that got me thinking about just how transformational an experience Ruckusmakers was.

She shared a quote from “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown:

“Courage has a ripple effect. Every time we choose courage, we make sure everyone around us is a little better and the world is a little braver.”

I couldn’t agree more and that’s exactly how I’m feeling these past few weeks. 

To me, this quote means that by speaking my truths, I help inspire others to be brave and do the same. 

To me, this quote means that by taking action to create the change I want to see in the world, I help encourage others to become more proactive in their own lives.

“For those of us who have a hard time doing things solely for our own sake, this is huge,” shared Tamara. 

Just reading all of the blogs written as part of the #RuckusmakersChallenge has made me more mindful and courageous. 

Knowing that my fellow Ruckusmakers are working hard, each day, on their projects has made me more excited to continue making progress on my own projects. 

“As we all courageously ship our projects out there into the world, showing each other how to be brave, we will surely change it for the better. In this way, being courageous becomes an obligation. For if we hide our art, our shame, our vulnerabilities, we take away an chance for those around us to become better; the ripple effect is broken,” said Tamara.

I could not have said it better myself, so I won’t even try. 

Thank you, fellow Ruckusmakers, for making me braver and better. 

I feel more connected to, more inspired by, and more passionate about my place in the world than I ever have before.

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