Why It’s Important to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do for your self-growth.

If you want to up-level your life, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

A few months ago, I did just that; I booked a boudoir photo shoot with The Black Birds Photography.

The photoshoot was so much fun and it really got me thinking about how important it is to get uncomfortable.

Getting uncomfortable:

I believe that all of the good self-development work happens outside of our comfort zone.

In 2018, I called off my wedding. I was all about getting uncomfortable. I took boxing and hip-hop dance classes, went to events alone, and just practiced the art of discomfort.

Through these activities, I showed myself that I’m capable and powerful.

Throughout the year, I became more aware of my triggers.

By doing things that are outside of your comfort zone, you start to identify what environments and experiences trigger you.

Whether it’s triggering insecurity, anxiety or frustration; it’s important to understand our triggers because they’re always at play.

I happen to be very comfortable with emotional discomfort; I have no problem making myself vulnerable.

I can talk about my feelings all day long.

Throw me into the woods and ask me to go camping though, and you’ll see a different side of me.

I get highly uncomfortable when asked to step outside of my physical comfort zone.

That’s exactly why I did the boudoir photoshoot! It was a safe (and dare I say sexy!?) way to push past that place.

Modeling isn’t something that comes naturally to me, so this was a great opportunity!

I realized that if I could get more comfortable in front of the camera in my lingerie, it would be a lot easier to be comfortable in front of the camera when I’m clothed.

My goal for 2019 is to become more comfortable modeling; I want to feel confident and beautiful when getting photos taken.

I’m working on growing my comfort with feeling discomfort because, at the end of the day, discomfort can distract us.

We make bad decisions when we’re thrown off our game.

So, I’m stepping my game UP!

Discomfort isn’t going to distract me anymore; I’m going to continue to push myself to get more comfortable just being uncomfortable.

How can you step outside of your comfort zone this year? Share below!

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