Why You Should Cut Comparison From Your Life

Comparison kills creativity and confidence, so it’s time to cut it from your life.

When we compare ourselves to others, we hurt ourselves in the process.

There’s only one comparison that is ever worth making, and I’m sharing it in this video below.

Compare and despair:

The saying exists for a reason: comparison really does hurt us.

Bottom line is that comparison sucks because it crushes our sense of self.

It’s hard to feel motivated, confident, empowered or creative when you’re comparing yourself to someone else.

Comparison blocks you from being able to see and recognize your own beauty and growth.

Looking at what others are doing and measuring your success against theirs isn’t healthy. You don’t get where you want to go by watching other people.

Imagine if while driving, we kept our eyes on the other drivers on the road. If we did this, we would crash!

You don’t get where you’re looking to go when you’re watching other people.

You achieve your goals and arrive at your destination when you focus inward.

That’s why the only comparison ever worth making it comparing yourself today to who you were yesterday.

If you see yourself as a better version today than you did yesterday, you are winning!

Comparing yourself could stop your progress altogether. It’s just a distraction.

I mean, imagine if I was comparing myself to other YouTubers! If I were doing that, I would have quit by now because I’m not “good enough” in comparison.

However, I *do* see myself getting stronger as a vlogger!

The last 10 videos I published to my channel were a lot better than the first 10. That’s a win.

I’m focused on my own growth. I’m looking at my path to see where I want to go. 

I am committed to providing value to my YouTube audience.

What are you focused on? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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