How to build your brand on social media: top tip

Are you looking to build your brand on social media? Are you struggling to grow your brand awareness?

In order to use social media to build your brand, you need to be strategic.

If you’re looking to create a community on these channels, you need to plan ahead.

Social media is crowded, making it difficult to capture attention and grow your influence.

If you’re taking the time to create great content for your fans on one channel, you want to provide an easy way to continue the conversation on another one.

How to best build your brand:

There’s one top tip that I recommend to everyone that’s looking to build a brand on social media.

It’s an easy to tip to follow *if* you plan ahead when creating your social media profiles.

Even if you’ve already created your profiles, this is the most important step for you to take in order to build your brand using these platforms.

The tip: use the same handle across all social media channels.


Because that’s the easiest way to get your fans to follow you from one platform to another.

When you don’t use the same handle or profile photo across all of the platforms, you create confusion for your audience. You make them double-check (using your bio and content) to ensure they’ve found the right person.

Make it easy for people to follow you everywhere by using the same handle.

I am @Jbethjs on every platform that I can be: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, PeriscopeSnapchat

I use the same profile photos across these channels and have similar bios.

This makes it super easy for someone from one platform to start following me on another platform.

You need to have the same social media handle across all platforms if you want to best build your brand on these platforms.

By using the same handle, you make it easy for your audience to jump from one channel to the next and start a real relationship with you. 

What do you think? Do you have the same handle across all of your profiles?

Share it in the comments below so that we can connect!

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