How To Create Video Content: The Tools You Need To Start Vlogging

Do you want to start to create video content? Are you unsure of what tools you need to start vlogging?

If you want to start vlogging, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment.

In order to be a vlogger, you don’t need the best quality equipment. You need quality content.

In fact, you can start a YouTube channel with just a few tools!

3 Tools for the Amateur Vlogger:

When it comes to vlogging, it’s better to start small.

When you’re just getting started vlogging, you don’t want to invest in expensive equipment.

Some of my most popular YouTube videos were made using my iPhone.

As the amateur vlogger, you just want a few tools to get you started.

These are the three tools that I bought when I decided to start vlogging:

  • iPhone: If you’ve got an iPhone, you have a camera in your pocket 24/7. Your iPhone has amazing quality and it’s lightweight and portable. Use your phone before investing in an expensive camera like a Canon Rebel T5i. (I use a Canon for my professional videos.) 
  • Microphone: You need something to amplify the sound that clips on to your clothing. I like Rhode microphones. The Rhode SmartLav microphone is extremely popular and options are available on Amazon ranging anywhere from $15-$150.
  • Tripod: Use a tripod to stabilize your shots. My favorite kind of hand-held tripod is a Gorilla Pod. There are hundreds of options to pick from on Amazon, ranging from $10-$100. (Start with a cheaper solution before you upgrade!) These tripods are flexible, light-weight and perfect for the travel or lifestyle vlogger that’s taking footage on-the-go.

For those just wanting to start vlogging, the smaller and more mobile the equipment, the better!

Here’s the truth: people are going to watch your vlogs because they like you!

Your viewership is not going to be based on the equipment that you use.

Once you’ve been creating video content for a while, THEN you can move up to invest in the high-quality camera, microphones, tripods, and lights. 

It’s time to stop letting the equipment hold you back.

Take that first step in creating video content and see how you enjoy it!

What do you think? Are you ready to start vlogging? 

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