How to generate leads on Facebook

Do you want to generate leads on Facebook? Feeling like you’re spending time on the channel without converting on your goals?

There is a lot of functionality on Facebook.

From live video to lead ads to pixels, the platform is extremely powerful.

However, it can be overwhelming for marketers who don’t have the time to spend all day every day on the platform.

When it comes to generating leads, you need to create some sort of a system.

Putting a process in place for how you’ll continue to drive leads over time is critical – especially if you want to eventually automate the process.

Creating an offer:

The first part of building a system for driving leads on Facebook is understanding your audience.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customer.

Figure out what your audience needs and wants, and build something EPIC around that.

Create an offer that you’ll ask your audience to provide their email in order to capture. (My website lead magnet is a free guide filled with social media best practices.)

Whatever offer you create, it HAS to be valuable. You need to speak to the needs of your audience.

Ask yourself: what information, tips or tricks could I share with my audience that would positively impact their business? 

Wrap up this information in a well-designed pdf or landing page on your website that you can send your fans to.

Strip the sidebar and FOCUS on the freebie; you want to create a distraction-free environment for your fans to opt-in and share their email address with you.

Promoting the offer:

Now that you’ve got an epic offer available on your website, it’s time to promote it.

If you don’t talk about your offer, you’re not going to get people to opt-in to it.

Once you’re getting people opting in, you’ll start to get feedback that teaches you just how valuable your offer really is to your target audience.

If you want your promotional efforts to be impactful, you’ve gotta utilize Facebook’s functionality.

Facebook has a lot of features that are well-suited for driving leads:

  • Facebook Groups: Create a private group for your fans and invite only the people who have opted-in for the guide. OR create a group around a specific topic that is aligned with your offer. Nurture the group daily and provide value! Share resources and ask questions to spark engagement. Once the group is engaged, promote it! Tease the value you’ll be sharing (think: exclusive tips and/or live videos) with these folks as a way of driving interest. When you promote the exclusivity of the group, you increase its attractiveness.
  • Facebook Live: Use live video to take your fans through your offer. Show them exactly what they’ll get when they opt-in and share their email address. When you make the process transparent by showing the details of the guide, you build trust among the skeptics. Speak to the benefits that will result for those that use the guide in the way you intend. Include a call to action at the end of the video that tells them exactly where to go to opt-in for the offer. Customize the URL you’ll send people to, to make it cleaner. Mention the offer twice throughout the broadcast  – once at the start to drive interest and one at the end to drive action.
  • Slideshow Post: Upload a few photos at once in order to create a slideshow post for your page. A slideshow is when a few photos are displayed almost like a video slideshow, flipping through the photos on loop. Because the movement adds animation, the post is more engaging than a typical photo post. Be thoughtful about the text you use with your slideshows and stay focused on the value you aim to provide to those who opt-in. Use high-quality images that capture people’s attention so that you drive clicks. The more clicks you can drive, the more likely you’ll translate those clicks to leads on Facebook.

When trying to drive leads, you need to get creative and think outside of the box.

Social media is crowded and noisy, making it difficult to drive engagement.

When you use Facebook Groups, slideshow posts, and live video, you add more animation and personalization to your content, thereby increasing its value to your audience. 

What do you think? What feature above have you found to be the most powerful for driving leads on Facebook?

Share your experience in the comments below!

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