How to crush it on Twitter: brand success stories

If you want to be tremendous on Twitter, you’ve got to get creative.

While dozens of brands are using Twitter as a part of their social media marketing mix, not everyone is effective in using the platform to it’s potential.

Today is Part 2 of a 4-part blog series intended to help you crush it across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Through looking at positive use-cases and brand success stories on Twitter, you’ll be armed with advice on how to best use the platform to increase engagement and provide value to your online audience. 

When it comes to marketing on Twitter, you have to get creative; you have to be able to make use of the 140-character limit to provide short, sweet and valuable updates to your audience.

Your approach to Twitter marketing should be somewhat similar to that of Facebook when it comes to diversity; you want to have a wide variety of updates to keep your feed inviting and interesting.

Below are three brands that are currently crushing it on Twitter.

lululemon Athletica

Just as they do on Facebook, lulu does a great job at creating content on a consistent basis for Twitter.

Lululemon tweet screen shot

As seen through scrolling through their feed, lululemon recognizes the importance of being brief on Twitter. They make great use of the 140-character limit by crafting short and sweet updates; they also utilize a link shortener to ensure that links aren’t cut-off and/or ugly looking.

Lululemon also does a great job at promoting the other Twitter accounts that the brand has by retweeting content from other Lululemon accounts.

Lululemon posts a variety of content on Twitter; you’ll find gifs, links to products, RTs of customers, inspirational quotes and graphics, as well as links to articles about health and wellness, creating a diverse and engaging feed.

Takeaway tip: Always create content that is unique to the platform; be sure to RT and share content from related Twitter accounts to create a diverse stream of updates.


Here’s another brand using Twitter to it’s potential.

Advil tweet screen shot

Through use of brand-centric graphics, Advil helps increase brand awareness on Twitter.

Advil KILLED it on Twitter during the Superbowl this year; they had a bright, busy feed filled with sports-centric gifs, images and quotes, making it a fun place to be on game-day.

Through creative updates, Advil found a way to promote their product in an organic way that felt fun and fan-focused.

Takeaway tip: be timely and relevant with your updates. If there’s a way to make a connection between a national event or holiday and the products/services your brand offers, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Taco Bell

Taco Bell does a great job at creating hype and engaging with their audience on Twitter.

Taco bell tweet screen shot

Through regular RTs and MTs, Taco Bell shares user-generated content on a regular basis to show their fans appreciation and share positive brand-buzz online.

Taco Bell also takes a creative approach to using Twitter to share updates and provide behind-the-scenes teasers on events or opportunities. By cross-promoting their Snapchat stories on Twitter, Taco Bell grows their audience and exposure on Snapchat and creates awareness that they’re using Snapchat as a vehicle to story-tell.

Takeaway tip: show your fans the love by sharing and repurposing their content on a regular basis; this will incentivize them to continue to share on your brand’s behalf. Find ways to use Twitter to cross-promote your social media marketing efforts on other social channels.

When it comes to Twitter, you want to be brief, fun and creative.

By retweeting fans and engaging with their content on Twitter, you build up positive brand testimonials and show your fans that you appreciate them.

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Stay tuned for next week’s blog!

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