Why Live Video is popular & how to take advantage of it

Live video is popular; in fact, it’s so popular that marketers are looking at it as the next “big thing.”

There are a number of platforms to choose from when deciding to embark upon live broadcasting; Facebook Live, Periscope and Blab.Im are just a few.

While Periscope is my favorite, I have been really enjoying Blab.Im as a platform for content consumption.

I have also been testing out Facebook Live, as I know that this tool is only going to grow in popularity and performance over the next few months.

Why it’s popular

It’s clear to see that live video is becoming increasingly popular, as more social channels with this capability are being introduced regularly.

There are a number of reasons why I think that live video is growing in popularity:

  1. Interactive: Live video is the most interactive form of content creation and consumption. Broadcasts are so different than blogs and photos; rather than just consuming a written post or an image, you are interacting with this video. The energy & enthusiasm of the broadcaster plays a large role in how the video is perceived.
  2. Authenticity: It seems like everyone is showcasing their “best hits,” on social media without showing the slip-ups. Well, live video is the exception. You can’t edit a live broadcast. This “raw” factor means that individuals are extremely authentic on this platform, making it a powerful avenue to connect to your audience organically.
  3. Personality: If you want to showcase your personality, live video is the way to do it. A video allows your audience to get a sense of your attitude and energy. Through tone of voice, facial expressions and gestures, you’re able to create a connection to your audience.
  4. Influence: If you’re using live video in the same way as many industry influencers, you’re using it to grow your influence and teach others about a specific topic or industry. Since you’re interacting with the audience, you can grow your influence by answering questions in real-time.

Thanks to live video, marketers now have a tool that allows them to create connections, and consume content, in a highly personal way.

How to take advantage

If you’re thinking about adding live video as a part of your marketing strategy, you want to plan ahead.

Follow these steps to get set up for live video success today:

  1. Think about which channel (or channels,) you’re going to create content on. Pick a channel.
  2. Think about frequency: how often you’re going to broadcast. It’s better to start small, but stay committed, than to dive in by biting off more than you can chew.
  3. Plan a posting schedule: whether it’s once a week or once a month, and stick to it. Do a live video on the same day each week. If you can, do it at the same time of day.
  4. Let your social media audience know: tell them that you’re going to be broadcasting, and give them a sense of where you’ll be, what you’ll be talking about and how often.

Planning ahead and promoting your presence as a broadcaster will be a great way to inform your audience and get them engaged in your broadcasts.

Want a few tips on how to make your broadcasts better? Read my blog!


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