How to use Facebook Live to engage, entertain and inspire

Not sure how to use Facebook Live as a business? Are you struggling with how to create engaging, entertaining and inspirational content through live video?

When it comes to content creation, I love to use Facebook live to do it.

It’s definitely one of my favorite mediums.

The reason why is that video is personable; that’s what makes it so powerful. It’s real, raw and therefore extremely relatable.

I believe that live video serves as the biggest opportunity to craft content that can create connections.

Because you can see facial expressions and hear inflections in their voice, you get a much better sense of someone’s personality on video than you do through text or audio.

So, how can you use Facebook Live to providing value to your fans? How can you leverage the power of this popular feature?

There are so many ways to use Facebook Live to create a closer connection to your audience.

Planning for success:

It’s not enough to just hit the live button and start talking.

If you want to see success when you use Facebook Live, you need to think outside of the box and plan ahead.

Compile a list of ideas for the content you’ll create on camera; doing this will set you up to be consistent in your live video content creation.

Below are a number of ideas for how to use Facebook Live to provide value to your audience: 

  • Q+A: Do a question and answer series with your executive team as a way of humanizing your brand and providing answers to FAQs.
  • Behind-the-scenes: Use Facebook Live to bring your fans with you to a trade show or special event. When you provide exclusive access to events or opportunities, you elicit excitement and interest among your audience.
  • How-to: Instruct and/or educate your audience on how to do something specific. Provide actionable advice and detailed directions to help them solve a problem and/or overcome an obstacle.
  • Product demos: Do a product unboxing or a demonstration on camera. This is a great way to showcase the benefits of using your product and provide detailed instruction on exactly how the product is meant to be used.
  • News show: Discuss breaking news in your industry on Facebook Live. Share your opinion and get a conversation started about what the news means for your industry or organization.
  • Influencers: Hop on camera with an industry influencer to discuss industry changes. This is a great way to lend more credibility to your brand and elicit interesting topical discussions.
  • Focus groups: Use Facebook Live to run informal focus groups for your business where you gather feedback from your fans on your product and/or process.
  • Interviews: Hop on live video to share the stories of industry experts and/or customers.
  • Flash sales: Jump on a live video to announce a promotional deal or sale that’s ending. Share a limited-time offer as a way of driving action from your audience.

Although not all of these ideas will be a fit for your specific industry and/or goals, it’s enough to get you started on the right foot.

By planning ahead and writing down your favorite ideas for how to use Facebook Live, you set yourself up to create compelling, engaging content.

When you create Facebook Live content that engages, entertains and inspires, you become more memorable and meaningful to your audience.

That’s what we’re all after, right? To provide value, make an impact and become memorable?

I know that’s one of the motivations behind why I create Facebook Live content.

Check out my latest videos and let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

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