How to use social media to build your personal brand: a case study

Social media is probably the most impactful place for individuals looking to build their personal brands.

If you’re looking to create a strong personal brand, showing off your expertise and interests online is a great way to do it.

By showing your true self, delivering value and engaging with your audience, you’ll provide followers with a reason to tune-in to your content week after week.

That’s what I’ve been fortunate to do with a number of my followers.

Throughout the last 18 months, I have created a LOT of quality content.

In an effort to grow a loyal tribe of followers, and provide value to my audience, I have blogged and/or done a live video every week.

Throughout the last 14 months, I have delivered this content across different mediums and social media channels.

Do I have a huge social media following?

No. I don’t.

Do I care?


Do I have an engaged audience?


The loyalty of my tribe is what matters most to me.

I’d rather have 5 people who subscribe to me everywhere than have 500 people who follow me on Instagram but don’t even care that I have a Snapchat profile. 

I’m grateful to have a tribe of engaged followers, one of whom is R.K. Gold.

R.K. Gold is an author that lives and works in Buffalo, NY.

I sat down with R.K. to ask about his experience as a part of the Bravery Beats community: 

Q: Who are you / what do you do? RK Headshot

A: RK Gold, I am an author.

Q: What’s your biggest struggle as it relates to social media?

A: Personal branding.

Q: How’d you get introduced to me?

A: I met you on Twitter and we just started talking. I shared your content, and we ran into each other a couple of times at different events in Buffalo.

Q: How have I helped you on social media?

A: You’ve helped me on my blog by teaching me the importance of consistency. You have also helped me with my Instagram strategy.

By watching your Periscopes on Wednesday, I have learned about the importance of finding my own niche on the platform and sticking to it. By blogging consistently, I saw a spike in my website traffic.

Similarly, by using your Instagram tips, I have gotten hundreds (sometimes thousands) of likes on my Instagram posts.

Q: That makes me so happy, R.K. So, we both know that it’s crowded online. What do you think sets me apart from other people?

A: Your authenticity is refreshing. You’re so obviously passionate about what you do.

You constantly learn and share; it’s clear to see that you are always seeking more information about every platform. I’ve never met anyone as driven as you in your field.

Q: Thank you, R.K. for sharing your story!

Do YOU want to benefit in the same ways that R.K. has? 

Snag my free social media guide filled with channel-specific best practices, image sizing guidelines, and more takeaways to help you use social media to build your personal brand! 

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