How To Overcome Road Rage

Do you want to learn how to overcome road rage?

I recently took a road trip with my best friend to Long Island and we made a video all about road rage because let’s face it, you’ve got it.

Nobody is immune to road rage.

Just like with anxiety, everybody experiences anger while driving to some degree.

Especially if you’re driving the day before Thanksgiving, it’s hard to avoid the stress of taking a long car trip.

Tips to overcome stress:

Given that we were in the car when recording the video, it felt like the perfect time to discuss stress management techniques.

Our goal with the videos that we’re making for Socialmerk is to talk about the real stuff.

We want to share our personal experiences with the goal of entertaining, educating and inspiring you to live a happier and healthy life.

Road rage definitely falls within the topics of things we’re excited to talk about because it’s something everyone can relate to.

We all have anxiety and road rage to some degree and we think it comes down to self-awareness.

Do you see when your anger pops up? Are you aware of it when it’s happening?

Operating with self-awareness on these things is literally more than half the battle. 

Becoming aware of these tendencies is the first step needed in order to change them.

Once you’re aware, it’s about creating a toolbelt of techniques that allow you to deal with and manage the stress.

Our top two techniques for combatting anger while driving are good music and deep breathing. 

Good music keeps you smiling and dancing while driving; that’s a natural stress-reducer right there. Good music creates endorphins which help combat cortisol that can be brought on while driving.

Deep breathing is also extremely important because it keeps you calm and thinking rationally.

When you’re operating a motor vehicle, safety is the most important thing. You don’t want to let your emotions get the best of you when you’re behind the wheel.

In summary, what’s most important to understand is that your road rage isn’t going to disappear overnight. 

With work – on your self-awareness and using these techniques – you will start to see a shift in this area.

That is the work and we think it is so well worth the effort it takes to get there!

What do you think?

Share your tips for combatting stress and anxiety in the comments below!

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