The Impact of Growing Up With Divorced Parents

Did you grow up with divorced parents? Are you aware of how the divorce impacted you?

Divorce has a big impact on children regardless of the age they experience it.

While the time in your life impacts how the divorce affects you, there’s no doubt about its lasting impact.

That’s what Jen and I are discussing in this Socialmerk video.

Discussing divorce:

My parents got divorced when I was in high school. I was a teenager and was old enough to perceive the conflict and the ways that my parents clashed.

I was old enough to understand that my parents grew apart over time.

Their divorce wasn’t anyone’s “fault,” they just weren’t happy together anymore.

As a result? I definitely didn’t blame myself. However, it did leave me with a lot of cynicism.

My parent’s divorce left me feeling cynical about the ability to make a romantic relationship last. 

For my best friend Jen, it was a totally different experience because her parents got divorced when she was just three years old.

Jen wasn’t able to understand why her parents were splitting because she was too young.

As a result? She didn’t see her dad very much which impacted her relationship with men.

Despite going through the same experience technically, Jen and I walked away with two completely different feelings. 

I walked away feeling cynical about my relationships, and Jen walked away feeling distance from her dad.

While divorce might be a universal experience, the way that experience manifests itself in people’s lives is always a very unique experience.

Without doing the work and going to therapy, neither Jen or I would understand how our parents’ divorce impacted us.

Did your parents get divorced? Do you think that they should’ve but have stayed together?

Share your experience in the comments below!

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