3 Buffalo Bookstores to Fall In Love With

Do you love to read? Enjoy visiting bookstores? There are three Buffalo Bookstores that you need to visit this year.

If you love to read and shop local, you’re going to love Talking Leaves, Rust Belt Books, and West Side Stories.

Taylor, the blogger behind Succulents & Sunnies, took to the streets for another collaboration!

For this collaboration, we did one thing we both love to do on the weekend: explore new places in Buffalo.

Picking the places:

Taylor and I decided to bookstore-hop for a few reasons.

Firstly, we’re huge advocated for shopping local.

I mean, why NOT support the stores in your local community when doing your holiday shopping?

Secondly, we both love to read.

We also love to explore new places in the city, so we decided to pick bookstores that we had never visited before.

We picked: West Side Stories, Rust Belt Books, and Talking Leaves.

Discovering the 3 gems:

The day started at West Side Stories; it’s a used bookstore located in the West Side of Buffalo.

The collection is great; it’s vast and well-organized. The shop is well-lit, warm and welcoming. They’ve got books, bags and other little nick-nacks that make it a fun place to walk around and browse.

Since it was a nice winter day, we walked from West Side Stories to our second stop of the day, Rust Belt Books.

Rust Belt Books gave me that old-timey feel. Taylor said it reminded her of the bookstores she used to visit in Ithaca.

There are books everywhere; literally. You’re going to have to dig around in this shop.

One of the neatest things about Rust Belt Books: they offer a morning meditation every Tuesday! They also have so many old things (notes, lights, furniture, etc) in the shop that you feel like you’re taking a trip through history.

After finishing up at Rust Belt Books, we hopped in the car and drove over to the Elmwood Village to visit Talking Leaves.

Talking Leaves is probably the most “typical” bookstore you’ll visit of the three. There is a well-organized collection just like West Side Stories has. The place smells like books, which makes my heart happy.

Talking Leaves was the most popular of all three locations, which we expected given its location in the Elmwood Village.

There is something unique about each of the three locations that we visited. 

Regardless of where in the city you live, it’s well worth the trip to come out and visit these shops.

Shopping local has tremendous benefits to your local community, so DO IT! 

Do you have a favorite bookstore in Buffalo? Share it with me in the comments below!

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