Why You Need To Visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin Martin House

Do you love Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and design? Want to see inside the Darwin Martin House?

The Darwin Martin House is one of the most spectacular sights in Buffalo.

After getting feedback from you guys on my YouTube channel, I got the sense that a tour was in order!

Joel and I met up with the Marketing Manager of the Martin House to see inside the complex.

We walked away feeling inspired and a lot more knowledgeable about everything happening at the Complex.

Highlights of the tour:

A lot has changed for the Darwin Martin House in recent years. Some of the highlights that we learned about or discussed were:

  • Preservation: Millions of dollars have been put into restoring the Complex to it’s original glory. A lot of work has been done, and it does not disappoint.
  • Popularity: The last time we tried to tour the Darwin Martin House during a holiday weekend, tickets were completely sold out. (We happily “settled” for touring Graycliff instead.) That being said, be sure buy your tickets early. You don’t want to have to settle when it comes to dates and times.
  • Vision: A walk around this complex is incredibly inspiring. You don’t even have to like art. Seeing the design makes you realize what a true visionary Frank Lloyd Wright was. He had a unique ability to be a visionary and big-picture thinker while ALSO being detail-oriented enough to execute the nitty-gritty elements of his designs.

Every time I walk around a property designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, I am blown away.

Wright had the unique ability to manipulate space in a way that draws your eyes towards particular parts of the room.

Every aspect of the architecture and design is intentional.

Frank Lloyd Wright is an artist that uses architecture as his medium.

For example, Frank Lloyd Wright always incorporates nature into his designs.

In the living room, there are two couches that face outwards. Through his design, Frank Lloyd Wright forces you to look out at nature when sitting in the living room.

Some of the highlights of the preservation/restoration work that Caitlin shared with us during the tour: 

  • Fireplace: The most recent piece that has been installed (as of late October 2017 when this vlog was recorded) is the fireplace. It is covered in a hand-made, glass mosaic. It is exquisite.
  • Kitchen: A new freezer was recently installed. Both the hinges and handles had to be custom made to fit the original design.
  • Construction: There’s some construction happening throughout the complex that should be completed by the Spring of 2018!

What do you think?

Share your thoughts about the complex or any ideas you have for future vlogs in the comments below!

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