Why You Need To Check Out The Elmwood Village

Have you visited the Elmwood Village in Buffalo? Why do you need to check it out?

The Elmwood Village is one of my favorite areas in all of Buffalo, NY.

Elmwood Avenue has a ton of local shops, restaurants, boutiques, and cafes. 

On a sunny Saturday in the winter, my girl Nkay and I took to Elmwood Avenue to do a creative collaboration.

An Afternoon in Elmwood:

We had a ton of fun during our afternoon spent in Elmwood.

We started with a coffee at Cafe Aroma, then enjoyed a gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly lunch at Taste of Siam.

After lunch, Naa’s friend Alex (the brains behind Creative Connect) joined us for a long walk.

We grabbed coffee at Spot Coffee, stopped by Scoop Shop and then Alex took some photos of us!

I mean, when two vloggers and Instagram-lovers come together for a collaboration, you’d better bet there is going to be an impromptu photo shoot!

 The best part of it all?

Introducing/featuring Nkay through my vlog!

I mean, this girl is a BOSS.

Meet Nkay:

Nkay is a blogger (she runs The Boss Diary blog,) a designer/fashionista, singer, AND vlogger.

She is outgoing, smart, creative and extremely REAL. (You’ll get a great sense for that if you watch the entire vlog. Yes, you need to watch until the end because Nkay cracks me up in the bloopers.) 

The older I get, the more I value having friends like Nkay in my life; friends that are honest, humble and hard-working.

My spirit ignites every time I collaborate with creatives in my city. 

It’s incredibly inspiring to spend time and surround yourself with people who “get it.”

Nkay is definitely a girl who “gets it.”

Who inspires you to be more creative? Who do you want to collaborate with?

Share your favorite girl boss in the comments below and let’s create a greater sense of community!

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