How To Apply MakeUp: Tips from Buffalo’s Best Beauty Professional

Do you need help applying makeup? Are you a novice when it comes to the world of beauty?

…yea girl, me too.

My lack of expertise in the world of beauty is exactly why Katie Ambrose, the owner of Groom Service, is my go-to gal for beauty tips. 

Seeing as how I know nothing about bronzer and mascara, I rely on Katie’s help.

During a recent sit-down, Katie taught me about products the professionals use, techniques for applying mascara and bronzer, and a whole lot more.

Meet Katie Ambrose:

Katie is a beam of sunshine. Seriously.

She is smart, stylish and just downright gorgeous.

Katie also has a really interesting story and a TON of beauty tips and product recommendations to share. In fact, my friend Lindsay did a great job sharing her story and showcasing Katie on her blog. (Yes, you should go read it.) 

Seeing that Katie grew up in the world of beauty, it’s no surprise that she ended up opening her own beauty bar in downtown Buffalo.

Groom Service Beauty Bar:

Groom Service opened in the Hotel Lafayette in 2014.

It’s been providing expert beauty services to Buffalo babes ever since.

As soon as you step into the beauty bar, Katie and her team of beauty experts make you feel right at home.

Whether you’re a bride looking for the works on her big day OR you just want to feel extra chic for a night out with your girls, Groom Service is the place to go.

They offer:

  • hair: styling and blow-outs
  • makeup
  • nails
  • facials
  • brows
  • bridal

SIDE NOTE: I showed up as a HOT MESS for my engagement photos and Katie somehow transformed my entire being. I left the beauty bar an entirely different woman than the one I was when I arrived for my hair and makeup.

That story is a testament to just how special Katie is.

Katie also really knows her stuff.

After just a few hours together, I walked away with a ton of beauty tips that I wanted to share:

  • Multiple-use: Just because a product is called bronzer doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other areas. Katie helped me realize that a great lip gloss can be used not just for lips but for eyes and cheeks, too! You can use your lipstick to add a pop of color to other areas of your face.
  • Lather the lashes: Katie recommends applying 3 coats of mascara rather than just one. Really wiggle the brush through the lashes and use the brush to fan the lashes out across the eye so that they appear longer. Use the brush to work the lashes to extend their length AND separate clumps.
  • Bronzer application: Use your fingers to locate your cheekbone and aim to apply bronzer down the line of the cheekbone. Start at the top towards your hairline and work it in at a downward angle to apply bronzer across the cheekbone line.
  • Go natural: Be wary of the skincare lines that inexperienced folks are selling straight out of their homes. Your skin is your largest organ, so that means you’re ingesting the chemicals of every product put on your face. Be mindful of what products you use so that you’re not doing unnecessary damage to your internal organs.

If you’re due for a treat yourself day, I can’t recommend Katie and her team enough! 

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