Exploring Is More Fun With A Friend: Buffalo Central Terminal

Have you always wanted to see inside the Buffalo Central Terminal?

If you answered no, let’s be real: you’re kidding yourself.

The Central Terminal in Buffalo is one of the coolest buildings in the city.

Ryan Kell (@SeekAxiom) and I went for a Sunday Funday adventure to scope out the site. I left feeling awed and inspired to say the least.

Photo by: @SeekAxiom

It literally felt like everywhere I looked, there was a piece of history.

I kept thinking how cool it would be to have a tour guide take you around the area to describe what specific activity happened there decades ago in Buffalo’s history.

Exploring is fun:

I feel like I need to preface that the area we explored isn’t open to the public.

We got adventurous in order to get into some of the spots you’ll see in the vlog above.

This collaboration was a ton of fun for a number of reasons:

  • It was NEW: I had never been to the Central Terminal before. If I had, I definitely wouldn’t have had the courage to have climbed the ladder inside to go up to the second floor. Ryan was great at igniting my inner-explorer. Plus, I had never done a meetup privately with Ryan before, which was a great chance for us to get to know each other better. He definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which is something I’m doing a lot more of this year. 
  • It was different: Ryan and I took different approaches to capture our adventure. Ryan photographed the day and I took video footage for the vlog. It’s always fun to collaborate with people that have different skills and strengths than you do because you can learn so much just from watching them at work!
  • It was informative: I’ve always been someone that figured the nicer the weather, the better the photos. Ryan shared a number of tips in the vlog that I made (shameless plug to go watch it!) that taught me a ton about photography. For instance, he taught me that overcast skies are much better for photography! It’s a lot easier to capture moody lighting without the harshness of sunshine.

Ryan and I had a blast exploring the Central Terminal together and capturing it in our own unique way.

It definitely won’t be the last time I take to the streets to explore with Ryan, so stay tuned for future collaborations.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out his website for Seek Axiom to learn more about him and see his work. 

Ryan’s prices are UNREAL for the level of talent he brings to the table.

There’s no doubt that this guy is going to blow up in Buffalo (and beyond,) so be sure to contact him ASAP if you’re looking to get some professional photos taken!

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