The Best 5 Coffee Shops In Buffalo

I wanted to overdose on caffeine, so I decided to visit the best 5 coffee shops in Buffalo in a matter of six hours.

Okay, so clearly the first part is a joke.

Nobody wants to overdose on caffeine; it’s actually the worst.

(Like, at one point (two hours after we finished the vlog and I hit my caffeine high,) I swear I thought I was having a heart attack. Yea, fun stuff.) 

That being said, making the video below with Peter Drew was completely worth it.

Buffalo’s 5 Best Coffee Shops:

Since Peter and I both love coffee, and we’re both YouTubers, we figured this was a great first video to collaborate on.

The goal: visit the best 5 coffee shops in Buffalo and rate them on quality of coffee AND vibe/environment.

So, we set out early on a Saturday morning to coffee shop hop.

The stops: Underground’s, Public Espresso, Rowhouse Bakery, Remedy House and Tipico Coffee.

I’ll be honest; we considered going to ten coffee shops at first because there are so many spots in Buffalo that people rave about.

For instance, we didn’t even make it to some local favorites such as Spot Coffee and Daily Planet. (But considering the caffeine overdose that resulted from five lattes, can you imagine what would’ve happened if I consumed ten?!) 

The plan: divide and conquer for the taste testing. Peter got an espresso at each spot, and I got a non-dairy latte.

We spent time at each coffee shop in order to not only enjoy our drinks but really get a feel for the vibe and environment of the place, including the music, seating, noise, availability of outlets and other factors that make a coffee shop one worth coming back to.

The verdict: if you want to find out who came in first for Buffalo’s best coffee shop, you’re going to need to watch the video on my YouTube channel!

What is YOUR favorite coffee shop in Buffalo?

Share with me in the comments below so that I can go check it out!

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