Choose bravery

Today marks the start of the 30-Day Bravery Challenge.

Created by my friend Greg Faxon, the point of this challenge is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone every single day throughout the month of May.

I’m passionate about doing things that scare me because I know that growth and greatness are always accompanied by fear.

I always know that I’m on to something good when I’m completely terrified.

The other reason I was excited about this challenge is because my birthday is May 30, and I loved the idea of stretching myself every single day in lead up to my 26th birthday.

As Greg said in his introduction to the Facebook group he created, “just think about what could happen if you did something every day that scared you. Think of who you could become.”

I can’t wait to see who I will be as I start my 26th year of life.

I can’t wait to see the effect that this bravery habit will have on me.

Processed with MoldivMore so, I can’t wait to connect more with the incredibly supportive, inspirational community he is building.

Day 1 of the challenge is to take one small step on a project that you’re working on.

So, I’m going to take a leap and be really brave. 

It’s scary – but exciting – to announce my recent decision to start freelancing!

I’m “open for business,” and looking to work with small businesses that are eager to expand their digital footprint.

I’m also looking to build more value and engagement in my blog. That being said, I’ll be making some changes to my blog in the upcoming months.

The first change includes my transition to a set blogging schedule. While you can still expect to see sporadic posts such as this one, I will be committing to post at least one blog a week on Monday.

I hope you’ll think about subscribing to my blog (you can do so below this post) to stay up to date with what I’m working on, thinking, and learning about as it relates to human connection, growth and the exciting world of content and social media marketing.

Join me in my quest for bravery by signing up for the challenge today!


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