Pick yourself 

“Pick yourself means we should stop waiting and whining and stalling.”Seth Godin 

My favorite people to be around are those who pick themselves.

pick yourselfPeople who pick themselves are happier; they have an energy about them that I find irresistible. 

People who pick themselves are brave; they exude a level of confidence that I admire. 

The other day, my friend told me that I was unique compared to the other friends she had. 

“Everyone bitches, but you actually do something about it. You don’t just whine and not take action… Like you whined and then you started doing yoga. You love to write and give advice so you blog,” she said to me.

It meant a lot because that’s my M.O

I try not to whine because I know that I feel better taking action than I do complaining – and there’s nothing that irks me more than hearing others “vent” over “problems” they actually have control of. 

“If you want to be responsible for writing, speaking, making change happen, go do that. Waiting to get picked is a form of hiding, not realism,” Seth says. 

You can’t wait around for someone else to prioritize your happiness or make your dreams come true. 

“What pick yourself means is that it’s never been easier to decide to be responsible for your own work, for your own agenda, for the change you make in the world. To have a chance to matter. Not to be finished right now, but starting now.”

So, don’t wait until tomorrow to start that blog; don’t wait until next week to start that book; don’t wait until next year to start that business.

It feels good to pick yourself, and I encourage you to do it not just today, but every single day.

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