People like us

“People like us do things like this,” has definitely become a bit of a mantra for me and my fellow Ruckusmakers.

A common theme that has come out of the multitude of posts, emails and exchanges among the Ruckusmakers after the weekend was that we all shared a feeling of inadequacy – of not being worthy of attendance.

People like us do things like this: we doubt ourselves sometimes; we let our fear take over.

It seemed like each and every Ruckusmaker was surprised that they were chosen to share in the weekend.

Every Ruckusmaker was (seemingly) intimidated by the biographies of the rest of the group.

ruckusmakers1Every Ruckusmaker felt, before walking in to the room, anxious about what to expect.

Another common theme was that we all had a passion and a spark – to help; to collaborate; to share and open up.

It seemed like each and every Ruckusmaker was eager to hear about the projects that others were working on.

Every Ruckusmaker was (seemingly) inspired to learn about the change that others wanted to make in the world.

Every Ruckusmaker felt, after leaving the room, profoundly different.

seth2After an experience like the one we shared together, I now realize that people like us do things like this: we feel proud, grateful, empowered and passionate about continuing to make the change we hope to see in the world. 

Thank you to my fellow Ruckusmakers for letting me know that I’m far from alone in this crazy world.

I now know that I have at least 79 people who I can call on, at any time, that truly know what it feels like to be a “person like this.” 


  • I agree entirely, Julia. Here’s another common trait I noticed in the group: every person I spoke to had decided to apply within minutes of reading Seth’s announcement. (Maybe a quick check to ensure the date was do-able.) Identified this workshop as a priority, without mulling the option to death.

  • Yep, spot-on! I think it was easy to assume at the start that we were all SO different, but we’re probably very much alike in the ways that matter. Great post, Julia!

  • Great post and all so true! I feel like I’ll need to refer to it regularly since even in just the past week, I’ve cycled through all the emotions you highlighted while working on my project – fear, anxiety, empowerment, excitement… It’s a constant work in progress!! -Inga

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