5 Tips to create copy that converts

It’s not easy to create advertising copy that leads to conversions.

Copywriting is becoming an increasingly important skill for marketers, as paid advertising is growing in popularity and becoming a huge driver for leads for small businesses.

Through years of creating campaigns for different clients, with different budgets and sets of target audiences, I have learned a number of tips for how to improve your ads to decrease your cost per lead.

While the average cost per lead for Facebook advertisements ranges between $1.50 – $3.00, the highest cost per lead on a paid Facebook campaign that I have run for one of my clients is $1.60.

My average cost per lead for paid Facebook campaigns is $0.70.

Create copy that converts_

That’s about half the cost of the average.

I don’t share this statistic to toot my own horn but rather to show that with precise targeting, strong imagery and compelling copy, you can create killer Facebook ads that start driving leads to your business.

Here are five tips to help you create better copy for your next Facebook campaign:

  1. Relevance: All imagery and content used in your ad should be relevant to your target audience. In order for your message to resonate with them, you need to speak in their language and use their terminology. Avoid use of jargon and be direct in speaking to how you solve your customers problems.
  2. Capture attention: Since Facebook is a cluttered channel, you want to use bright, high-quality visuals and creative tailgates to capture people’s attention. Focus your copy on speaking to the benefits that you’ll provide to your audience if they take your desired action.
  3. Inspire action: Your ads should include a clear call to action that you want people to take as a result. Maybe it’s to read your blog or like your page. Regardless, to increase the likelihood that your audience will take action, you want to be clear on exactly what you want them to do.
  4. First and foremost: Include the most important messaging and action steps in the first few sentences of your ad copy. Don’t let your call to action be buried – make it clear and place it at the top of the ad. This will increase the chances that people take your desired action.
  5. Imagery: While copy is crucial, imagery is just as important. Be sure to use crisp images that showcase your brand, products or services in a positive light. Try to avoid stock photography or anything too professional looking. Also worth noting: your images can’t have more than 20% text, so be mindful when you’re creating images¬†that you want to use for ads. Lastly, sizing matters! It is recommended that your advertising images be 1200×627 to look best.

If you follow the above tips, you’ll be on your way to rocking Facebook advertisements as a way to build brand awareness and generate leads for your small business!

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