How To Benefit From Working With Social Media Influencers

Is your business looking to start working with social media influencers? Are you curious to learn about how influencer marketing can benefit your business?

Influencer marketing is an incredible strategy for brands looking to grow their exposure.

The reason why influencer marketing is growing in power and popularity is that it’s trustworthy.

We’re way more likely to trust a person than a business.

I mean, I know that I’m more likely to buy a product that a friend recommends than if I just saw a commercial on TV for the product.

Wouldn’t you? 

When you hear someone that you know (like, and trust) on social media talk about a business in a positive way, it seems authentic.

It’s more believable and trustworthy, therefore more influential.

The benefits of influencer marketing:

By working with social media influencers, businesses have the opportunity to grow their audience and build relationships.

Because social media influencers are authentic and true to themselves, they have an established level of clout and trust with their community.

The followers of these influencers look to these influencers to help guide their purchase behavior.

I have purchased dozens of products recommended by my favorite Instagram influencers: @ShutTheKaleUp, @RachaelsGoodEats and @LeeFromAmerica

The reason?

I trust these women.

I feel like I know them because they are authentic online.

By working with social media influencers, your business has the opportunity to be introduced to thousands of people who may have never heard about you.

What do you think? Have you started to work with influencers are a part of your social media marketing strategy?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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