How To Grow Your Reach on Facebook: 5 Tips

Is the reach of your Facebook posts declining? Are you trying to grow your reach on Facebook?

Given how quickly Facebook changes, it’s easy to fall behind as a business.

If you go a google search for the term “Facebook reach,” you’ll see dozens of articles discussing the decline of organic reach.

There’s no question: Facebook’s algorithm makes it harder for businesses to get organic reach.

But I promise¬†Facebook doesn’t hate you.

As a business, you need to get thoughtful if you want to grow reach on Facebook.

You need to get creative and strategic if you want to continue to grow your reach on Facebook despite the changes in the algorithm.

5 Tactics to Grow Your Reach on Facebook:

In order to grow your reach, you can’t continue to do what you’ve been doing.

Posting haphazardly is no longer going to get you where you want to go.

It’s time to shift your strategy in order to incorporate these five tactics:

  • Stop posting too much: Facebook’s algorithm is sensitive, which means you need to be thoughtful about how often and what times you post. Don’t post twice within 2-3 hours. The reason why: it’s too much content without enough time. You’re essentially asking Facebook to pick which of those two posts it’ll show in the Newsfeed. The takeaway: don’t compete with your own content. Aim to post 3-4/week.
  • Use user-generated content: Share the check-ins and reviews that your Facebook fans leave on your page! Social shares are the digital form of word of mouth. Take advantage of the positive brand buzz out there by re-posting it. This helps you save time in your content creation while showing your fans you appreciate their engagement. The takeaway: when you share the positive posts others’ make about your business, you encourage them to continue to do it!
  • Provide value: Share good, valuable content on your page! Don’t be overly promotional; don’t just send people to your website. Post how-to articles, tips and other content that’s relevant to your industry that you know your fans would enjoy. The takeaway: strong, non-promotional, content will help you grow your reach on Facebook.
  • Use paid ads: There are over 10 different types of ads you can create on Facebook. You can use ads to grow page likes, reach, generate video views, drive website traffic, capture leads, and more! Rather than boosting posts as your only form of paid advertising, use the different types of campaign objectives! That is a more effective way to achieve your goals. The takeaway: only use the boosted post when you want to grow reach and engagement on a post.
  • Create Facebook Live video: Facebook Live gets priority placement in the Newsfeed, making it the most powerful kind of content you can create. Through live video, you can create a connection to your fans and humanize your brand. The takeaway: provide value to your audience through live video!

You have to be strategic and thoughtful if you want to grow your reach on Facebook.

Facebook is adding new features and functionality on a daily basis, meaning the platform is evolving.

It’s important to stay up on the latest features and functionality so that you don’t start to fall behind on the channel.

By posting more sporadically, providing value, posting UGC, using paid ads and going on Facebook Live, you’ll start to grow your reach on Facebook.¬†

What tips do you have to grow reach on Facebook?

Share them below!

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