The best time to create content: strike when the iron’s hot

The best time to create content is when you’re feeling inspired.

After a moment of inspiration, when you’re feeling enthusiastic and energetic, is the best time to grab the camera or pencil.

Creating content when you’re filled with positive feelings is one of the best way things you can do.

It’s about striking when the iron is hot.

What does that mean?

It means creating content when you’re already in the zone. It means sitting down to create when you’re feeling motivated and/or inspired.

Seizing the moment:

Striking when the iron is hot is all about seizing the moment.

It’s capitalizing on your energy and enthusiasm and using it to create content that excites, entertains and engages your audience.

If you create video content like me, your energy is going to be what drives views.

If you’ve got a lot of energy, you’re way more likely to keep people watching your video until it ends.

Find people and places that help spark your energy and enthuasiam; seek them out before you start to create fresh content.

I like to listen to my favorite podcasts before creating content.

The podcasts inspire my creativity and help jumpstart my vocabulary.

Takeaway tip: Create content when you’ve got those good feelings flowing. Leave room in your schedule to be spontaneous so that you have the time to create when the mood strikes.

Creating content when you’re feeling good is one of the best ways to let your authentic self shine through your content.

Don’t force it:

Part of striking when the iron’s hot also means not forcing yourself to create.

If you’re lacking energy, you’re not likely to keep people around.

Whether it’s video or text, your interest will drive engagement.

If you’re not feeling motivated or inspired to create the content, it’ll be obvious to your audience.

Takeaway tip: Just because you’ve scheduled content creation time into your schedule doesn’t mean you need to stick with it. Don’t force yourself to create content when you’re not feeling inspired or excited.

Your goal in creating content should be to elicit emotions within your viewers because emotions are memorable.

You want to inspire, educate and/or entertain.

When you elicit emotion, you become memorable to your viewers, making it more likely that they’ll watch another video. 

Keep people coming back to your content time and time again by striking when the iron is hot and creating content when you’re feeling inspired and excited.

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  • I so agree! I think this is why Instagram is so successful – it’s all about posting content as you see it / are inspired. Not waiting and thinking about it!

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