How to use Facebook’s algorithm to benefit your business

Are you using Facebook as a business? Do you have trouble understanding Facebook’s algorithm?

Facebook’s algorithm is making it harder for businesses to reach individuals organically.

We’ve all heard that “Facebook is pay to play.”

That’s definitely true in MOST cases.

For businesses that have been using Facebook to promote deals and offers, that’s true.

However, if you’re smart and strategic about how you use Facebook as a business you can still reach your fans without paying a penny. 

Well, I want to help you understand the algorithm so that you don’t have to ALWAYS pay to play on Facebook.

Understanding the algorithm:

Facebook’s algorithm is intended to keep the platform powerful for users, and profitable for Facebook as a company.

That’s why it prioritizes friends and family in the newsfeed.

Facebook knows that most people spend time on the platform to connect with their personal network.

You go on Facebook to see what’s happening in your world; you look at photos of friend’s babies, watch dog videos and send happy birthday messages.

The algorithm predicts your likelihood of engaging with someone based on your past behavior.

So, the more you engage with a friend or business, the more you’ll see their content.

The more you hide someone’s content or don’t engage with it (through shares, likes, clicks and/or comments) the less you’ll see it in the newsfeed.

Takeaway tip: as an individual, you need to be intentional about what you engage with. Don’t “like” stuff that you don’t really like because you’ll end up cluttering your newsfeed with more of that type of content.

Shifting your strategy:

Now that we understand why the algorithm exists and how it works, it’s time to apply it to our strategy.

Businesses across all industries are seeing their organic reach on Facebook TANK. (Like, close to zero organic reach.) 

Why is this happening? What’s going on?

The algorithm is getting stricter and more sensitive about cutting down the amount of promotion happening on the platform.

As a business, your sole goal on Facebook should be to provide value to your fans.

The reason you’re on Facebook as a business is NOT to sell; it’s to build a relationship with your customers that will eventually lead to sales.

You want to create content that’s inspiring, engaging and/or entertaining. It should be timely and relevant to what your fans care about.

That type of content gets people to engage which (thanks to the algorithm,) means your content will show up more in their newsfeed.

I know from experience that for businesses on Facebook, applying a value-based approach to content creation will help you keep your organic reach up despite the shifts in the algorithm.

Applying the insights:

Instead of hating on the algorithm, we (as businesses and individuals) should be grateful for it.

The algorithm really is helping transform your newsfeed from a billboard of irrelevant offers and promotions to a feed that Facebook thinks you’ll love based on your behavior.

Here are a few tips on how to apply these insights to make Facebook’s algorithm benefit your business: 

  • Make more video: Video is prioritized right now in the newsfeed. If you want to get more organic reach, start making more video content. Video is the best way for businesses to get their message out to fans without paying a penny. Incorporate a mix of native video and live video as a way of educating and showing behind-the-scenes stuff.
  • Switch things up: Test around with your posting strategy. Try posting at different times of the day, different days of the week, different lengths and different amounts each day. Make a few posts outside of business hours. Mix up the types of content you post (video, status, link, photo) to see what resonates most with your fans. Repeat what works and ditch what doesn’t.
  • Use emojis: Emojis are known to increase engagement on Facebook. It’s also a great way to humanize your brand and come across as more conversational.
  • Engage: Engagement is critical because it fuels the algorithm. Be sure to engage with people when they leave comments on your posts, and tag other pages! Being active in the engagement will make your fans feel valued, increasing their desire to continue engaging over time.

If you want to keep your business profile fresh and fun for your fans, it’s important to create video, prioritize engagement and create diversity in your content mix. 

By following the tips above you’ll start to see more benefits to your business page!

Have your own tips to add to the list?

Share them in the comments below!

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