How to boost your organic reach on Facebook: 7 tips

Are you struggling to increase your organic reach on Facebook?

Thinking of increasing your budget for boosted posts and paid advertisements?

When it comes to organic reach on Facebook, businesses are suffering.

In fact, you’re lucky if 10% of your fans even see the posts you make in their newsfeed. 

Dozens of brands are turning to paid promotions in order to increase exposure for their business; but you don’t have to.

If you want to increase your organic reach, you have to use data to drive your strategy. Getting more organic engagement and exposure on Facebook isn’t easy, but it can be done.

Below are 7 tips I encourage you try in order to boost your organic reach on Facebook:

  1. Variety drives views: If you want more eyeballs on your posts, you have to share a variety of types of updates. Sharing only links or photos is boring. Diversity and variety in your content updates will help drive views. Going viral is all about hitting the right people on the right channel at the right time; you’ll never hit that secret spot if you don’t post a variety of updates at different times of the day, during different days of the week.
  2. Data-driven strategy: Use data from Facebook insights to drive your strategy. If you see that a specific age group is highly engaged, shift your tone to speak directly to that demographic. If you see that your audience is engaged on a particular day of the week or at a specific time of day, be sure to post on that day or time throughout the upcoming weeks. Use the insights you see to drive new actions.
  3. Photos perform: We all know that photos perform well. Part of the reason is that people are lazy; it’s nice to be able to consume content without having to click. Another reason is that photos are more engaging and entertaining than text. In fact, Facebook posts with images get 2.3x more engagement than those without images. To play off the power of photos, start to create your own branded imagery that you can share on a weekly basis!
  4. Engage often: It’s important to take the time to engage with, and appreciate, your fans on Facebook. If people are taking the time to check-in at your business, post photos or leave reviews, acknowledge their effort! “Like” their status, share their updates and thank them for spreading the word; this will encourage them to continue sharing about you.
  5. Post what’s popular: If there’s a specific blog that you’ve shared on Facebook that performed very well, try posting it again in 2-3 weeks! Every time that you post a piece of content, you’re likely to reach a new audience. You want to re-post what has proven to be popular on your page in order to keep your fans happy, and get the organic reach growing.
  6. Create value: If you can create value for your fans, you’ll keep them coming back to your page week after week. Ask yourself what problems your fans are facing and aim to provide the solution. You can also create value by sharing great content from other resources. Lastly, create value for your online audience by sharing your stuff! Educate your fans on your best tips & tricks in order to establish credibility and showcase your expertise.
  7. Plan ahead: Success on social media is driven by a strategy. You need to plan ahead for your content and production so that you have ample time to edit, optimize and schedule. By planning ahead, you’ll be more strategic about when you’re posting: your own content vs curated content, unique imagery vs. curated photos and/or videos.

By posting a variety of types of updates, you’ll create a diverse and engaging page for your users to scroll through. 

Similarly, by sharing photos and engaging often, you’ll keep your fans feeling fulfilled on Facebook.

Diving in to the data will enable you to learn from your efforts and recognize opportunities to shift your strategy when needed.

Reposting what’s popular and creating value for your audience will give your fans a reason to visit your page time and time again.

Lastly, by planning ahead for the type of content you’ll share, you’ll be set up for success. 

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