How To Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

Do you want to get more views on your YouTube videos?

Driving viewership on YouTube in 2018 isn’t easy.

YouTube, like every other social media channel, is extremely competitive.

In order to drive more engagement on your videos, you need to create epic content.

Content that inspires, educates and/or entertains people is the best you can create.

Upping your YouTube game:

I’ve been creating YouTube content for over 15 months now, and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Turning on the camera and delivering value to my YouTube audience is so much fun.

I love video content because it’s humanizing, real and raw.

Through video, I can really create a connection to someone because they can see my facial expressions and hear the inflections in my voice.

Video content is more powerful than any other form of content for that exact reason.

However, creating epic content isn’t enough to drive views in 2018.

In today’s competitive world, it’s hard to cut through the clutter and drive loyal viewership.

The best way I’ve learned to drive views on my YouTube videos is to promote them across all of my social networks.

It’s not enough to just post your video to YouTube and cross your fingers.

Creating a strong promotional strategy:

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world which means that you have an incredible opportunity to drive viewership.

However, just because it’s a large search engine doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the work.

If you want to drive more video views, you have to plan ahead.

After you post your video on YouTube, there should be a promotional plan that backs that action up.

When I post a video to my YouTube channel on Wednesday morning, I share the thumbnail of the video to my Facebook personal profile. I give some video teasers for the topic in my InstaStories, tweet teasers that link to the video and share a small video clip of the video onto my Facebook Business Page.

This strategy allows me to expose my audience across all channels to the content that I created.

This promotional strategy helps me maximize the opportunity to drive views on my YouTube videos.

Are you promoting your YouTube content across your channels?

Share the approach that you take to promoting your video content in the comments below!

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