How To Make Epic Content As a Travel Vlogger

Are you thinking about getting started as a travel vlogger? Unsure of how to make a great travel vlog?

By now you know that I’m into vlogging.

I love using video as a way to channel my creativity and make connections.

As someone that aspires to grow as a travel vlogger, I left my last trip with a lot of lessons learned.

I didn’t make a plan for my vlogging in Palm Springs, and I felt like the videos that I made suffered as a result.

Travel Vlogging Tips:

I created four vlogs during my trip to Palm Springs in April.

The result? They all could’ve been better.

Below are the three things that I hope to improve on with my travel vlogs:

  • Storytelling: I want to tell stories more. I don’t often follow a story arc. I’ve noticed that vlogs that do follow a story arc (they have a conflict and resolution,) are more entertaining and engaging for me to watch.
  • Plan ahead: Think about what footage you need to capture and make a plan for how often you’ll vlog. You want to think through your schedule; create a plan that gives you ample time to capture the content that you need AND be present in the experience.
  • Capture B-roll: This builds off the tip above┬ásince you’ll need a plan for how, when and where you’ll capture all of the b-roll footage that you need. B-roll is critical to your ability to make seamless, beautiful, entertaining transitions. Shoot everything! It’s better to have too much footage than not enough.

At the end of the day, I look at vlogging as a work in progress. Every video represents a chance for me to do better.

Each vlog is an opportunity for me to learn from the last one and improve.

I look forward to applying the three tips above to my future travel vlogs!

Do you have a favorite travel vlogger?

Share them in the comments below!

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