Why You Should Shoot Photos in Overcast Weather

As a photographer or videographer, overcast weather is your best friend.

While we all love the sunshine, it can be a killer when it comes to photo and video content.

I actually didn’t know that until I did a collaboration with my friend Ryan Kell (@seekaxiom).

In the vlog that we collaborated on, he shared some best practices for photographers and one of them was the importance of embracing overcast skies.

The reason why overcast weather is a photographer or videographer’s best friend is that it helps to soften things.

Embracing Overcast Weather:

If you avoid creating content when the weather is overcast, you’re missing out.

Sunshine, while obviously the best thing ever for your soul, can be brutal on your photos and videos because it casts glares, shadows and glows.

It’s not easy to work with glare and glow when you’re creating content for social media; it leads to a lot of editing work.

Overcast weather, on the other hand, helps to soften the look of things.

Gray skies seem to have a soft and gentle dulling effect, which is a lot easier to work with when you’re editing.

So, while I’m definitely not advocating that you go out and do your content creation in a thunderstorm, I recommend that you stop avoiding overcast weather.

Take advantage of those gray days!

Use them to create a number of videos OR work on your photos.

Save the sunshine for yourself – for a day you can go out and just sit and enjoy it.

Overcast Saturday’s and Sunday’s are my favorite because I use them to batch my work and create a number of videos in one sitting.

You can do that, too! It just requires planning ahead.

What do you think? What photography or videography tips do you have to share?

Leave them below!

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