Learn How To Shine on Live Video: 6 Steps to Success

Do you want to shine on live video? Do you feel nervous about creating live video content?

2018 is the year of live video.

If you’re not yet embracing the power of live video, you’re going to fall behind.

Live video is one of the best ways to capture attention, reach your audience and showcase your credibility.

In fact, live video on Facebook gets six times more engagement than other content.

The power of live video is huge, so let’s discuss how you can embrace it.

Live Video Best Practices:

After doing 100+ live videos over the course of the last three years, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes for a good video.

Here are my top 6 tips on how to create good live video content:

  • Be yourself: The more authentic you are, the greater chance you have of creating connections. Let your passion and personality shine through your video. Remember: enthusiasm is contagious.
  • Don’t rush: Realize that people are going to come in and out of your video, sort of like an open house. Don’t let the number of viewers throw you off. Be patient and stay focused on creating valuable content.
  • Share what you know: Use live video to grow your credibility. Showcase your expertise and show your audience what you know.
  • Plan ahead: Know exactly what you’re going to talk about on your video. Write down some notes so that you can stay focused on the video. Stay respectful of your audience’s time and be mindful of how long you’re talking.
  • Introduce yourself: Make your viewers feel comfortable by giving an introduction. Share your name, city and other things that are relevant for your audience to feel connected to you and your content.
  • Promote the video: The work isn’t done when you press the publish button. Cross-promote your live videos on your various social media channels. Give yourself the greatest chance to reach your fans across your different platforms.

If you’re creating content that educates, inspires and engages on live video, you’re going to create a sense of community.

I guarantee that once you get started, you’re going to see the power of this kind of content.

What do you think? Do you create live video content?

Share your best practices in the comments below!

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