Quick tip to optimize your social media profiles for search

Did you know that search engines look at your social media profiles?

If you want to be found on social media, there are a number of steps you can take to optimize your profiles for search engines.

Using keywords in your social media profiles and pages can make a big difference. 

Facebook pages that have keywords included in their page name rank higher on Google. They also rank better when searching within Facebook.

Your Twitter bio should include keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your industry in order to optimize for search within Twitter.

If you want your Twitter profile to appear within Google search for a specific keyword, it must be a part of your profile name or Twitter handle.

This goes for LinkedIn too. Using keywords in your page name will improve your SEO on Google and LinkedIn search.

Across all social media channels, including keywords in your username, profile page name and/or bio/description will increase the chance that you will be found on social and Google search.

Just be sure not to go overboard with a focus on search; you don’t want to change your page name *just* to appeal to search engines.

Keep your bios, page names and handles in line with your brand and just be thoughtful to include keywords when and where relevant and/or appropriate!

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