Get a leg up with LinkedIn showcase pages

With the creation of showcase pages, LinkedIn is offering businesses another way to get a leg up on the platform.

LinkedIn showcase pages, which act as an extension of your company page, allow businesses to promote specific products or services to specific audience segments.

If your company has a wide variety of offerings, this tool is a great one to utilize to differentiate your services and provide more value to your interested audiences.

LinkedIn showcase pages have a ton of functionality, including the ability to post and create a group of followers that are separate from your company page!

The showcase pages can be found on the right side of your company page, and they are super easy to create:

  1. Head over to your company page and click the blue button that says “Edit.”
  2. Click the “Create a showcase page” button. (Note: each company page can have 10 showcase pages.)
  3. Start creating your page by choosing a name for the page. I highly recommend using keywords that are relevant and related to the content you’ll be posting on this page. Using relevant keywords will make the page perform better on search engines.
  4. Start fleshing out the rest of the details for the page, including administrators, images and descriptions. The description for the page can be 200 characters and must include keywords if you want people to be able to find it easily. You can assign your connections to be administrators of the page who are approved to post content. The header image must be 974×330 px at a minimum. You can also add featured groups to the showcase page as well!
  5. Click “Publish” and start promoting it by inviting people to follow the page!

A few examples of companies that have utilized LinkedIn showcase pages well are IBM and Adobe. I encourage you to check out their pages.

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