Why social media influencers love YouTube

There’s no denying the love affair that exists between social media influencers and YouTube.

I mean, seriously.

There are so many influencers that are using YouTube as a platform to create content and bridge connections with their fans online.

Why is YouTube so popular among influencers?

Thanks to the recent push towards live video and behind-the-scenes content, influencers are realizing that there is a golden opportunity right now.

The more you provide fans with exclusive access to experiences, the more likely they are to binge-watch your YouTube channel. They’re also more likely to trust you online.

Let’s not forget that YouTube is a powerful search engine.

This means, if you use keywords and tags correctly, that it’s not as difficult to get discovered on the platform.

The discovery aspect is just another reason why influencers love the channel.

Individuals can leverage the influence they have on other social networks to drive views to their YouTube channels.

Want to start behaving like an influencer and loving YouTube as a result?

I’ve got 4 tips for you to try, inspired by this great Kissmetrics article:

  1. Grab attention: Our attention span is worse than that of a goldfish. And no, I’m not even joking. That means that in order to keep people watching your video, you need to grab attention early on. Like, within the first 10 seconds of your video. Get creative with ways to do this, such as annotations or funny gestures.
  2. Mobile matters: The majority of YouTube views come from mobile, so focus your promotions to target mobile users. Make sure that your website and videos look good when viewed on mobile. Don’t sacrifice your credibility.
  3. Benefit from brevity: 50% of your viewers will drop-off halfway through the video. Aim to be as short and sweet as possible to keep viewers watching. Don’t take 2 minutes to convey one point; instead, take 30 seconds.
  4. Be focused: People watch videos on YouTube to be educated, entertained, inspired and/or influenced on a purchase decision. Keep this in mind when creating content. Stay focused on content that touches one of the main reasons why people watch videos in the first place. As the article above states, 66.7% of online shoppers played a video to make a purchase decision, and they watched 80% of the video.

By grabbing attention early on, focusing on mobile, staying breif and focused, you will act like an influence in your social strategy.

Although you don’t have the expansive audience that a social media influencer does, these tactics will help you see more eyeballs and engagement on your YouTube videos.

The more eyeballs and engagement you get, the more likely you are to fall in love with YouTube. 

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