How To Eat Healthier with Nourish Thrive Glow

Do you follow Nourish Thrive Glow on Instagram? Do you want to learn how to eat healthier?

The NTG blog is one of my favorite food blogs.

The best part? The creator, Sarah, is from Buffalo!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah over brunch at Root & Bloom Cafe to learn more about her story.

Sarah’s Story:

We sat down for brunch at Buffalo’s first vegan cafe, Root & Bloom.

We ordered the Gertrude and the Beth. Both dishes were vegan and gluten-free. They were absolutely delicious.

The sun was shining and the cafe was bustling, so we went for a walk around the Elmwood Village for Sarah to share her story.

Sarah is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and health coach. She’s also in school to be a certified nutritional therapy practitioner (CNTP.) 

She is my go-to girl when it comes to anything nutrition. She’s also my Power Yoga buddy. (We met at Power Yoga Buffalo.) 

Her InstaStories are always jam-packed with nutritional tips and best practices.

For instance, she starts most days with a green juice that she makes at home. In the video, she shares the exact science and reasoning behind why she doesn’t add fruit to this juice.

Not adding fruits to her juices is just one of the small value bombs Sarah drops in the video.

What I love about Sarah is that she breaks down the science behind food in a very digestible (see what I did there?) way.

Sarah breaks down the complex topics and makes it a lot simpler for those looking to be more mindful with their diets.

She also shares some of her favorite products that she buys from Thrive Market. (We’re both big fans of saving money by buying our health foods through Thrive.) 

Despite the fact that Sarah has since moved to Switzerland, she is still available for health coaching!

That’s the beauty of technology and social media; we can stay connected to our favorite folks even if they move across the globe!

Do you have any favorite food bloggers?

Share them in the comments below!

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