How To Spend A Day In Medina, NY

Want to spend a day in Medina, NY?

I made a video for my YouTube channel to show exactly how I spent my first day in Medina.

Let me tell you, I completely fell in love with the town.

It’s an adorable little town with a lot of history.

It’s located about 50 minutes outside of Buffalo, making it the perfect spot for a day trip or overnight stay.

I visited for two main reasons; to get a drink at the Shirt Factory Cafe (co-owned by my favorite blogging couple, Al and Scott of InADCMinute) and stay overnight at the Hart House Hotel.

How To Spend Your Day:

I started my day with a walk down Main Street which is super cute.

I stopped into two of the local shops, Ellen J Goods and Herbalty Cottage, which I highly encourage visiting if you make a visit. 

It was exciting to see the development that’s happening in the town, with more shops and restaurants opening up.

After doing a little shopping and strolling, I got to catch up with Scott Robinson (the unofficial mayor of Medina and one of the co-owners of the Shirt Factory) who is one of the nicest, most generous humans I’ve ever met.

I mean, just getting to meet Al and Scott in person was a huge draw for me to take the trip to this cute little town.

After chatting with Scott, we checked into our room at the Hart House Hotel.

What’s cool about the Hart House Hotel is that it’s a boutique style hotel. Every room in the hotel is decorated differently.

We stayed in the Hope room, which was a small room perfect for an individual or couple staying for a night or two.

Nighttime Activities:

We had dinner at Mariachi De Oro, a Mexican restaurant that came highly recommended.

After dinner, we went back to the Shirt Factory where Scott made us some killer cocktails.

We called it an early night and had a fantastic night’s sleep in our room.

The next time we visit, we’re definitely going to hit up Mile 303 for tacos. Apparently, they’ve got $3 late-night tacos.

The Shirt Factory was our breakfast spot; it doesn’t disappoint.

Making Your Way To Medina:

If you’re considering taking the trip to this cute little town, I highly recommend visiting all of the spots I mentioned above.

Medina is a small town with a lot of history and heart. I promise you’ll leave smiling.

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