Create Facebook ads on a budget

It’s not easy to create Facebook ads on a tight budget.

However, Facebook ads (if built correctly) are powerful drivers of brand visibility and clicks to your website.

FB ads managerIn order to help you take advantage of this powerful platform, I have detailed a few basic tips to help you create powerful Facebook ads on a budget:

  1. Build a local fan base: An investment of just $5, put towards building a local fan base, can help expand your visibility. It’s also a great way to build an engaged audience without spending too much money. Similarly, it helps to ensure that your Facebook ads will reach a larger audience of interested individuals.
  2. Set a goal for the campaign: Decide what you want your campaign to accomplish. Maybe it’s driving likes to the page, or clicks to the website. The most popular goals for Facebook ad campaigns for businesses are: building a targeted fan base, promoting owned content, generating conversions and promoting a local business.
  3. Set up custom audiences: There are many ways to create a highly targeted audience on Facebook. First, attract the people who know you best by targeting people who like your page, read your emails or visit your website. You can create a custom audience using your email list by going to Audiences in the Facebook Ads Manager. Click “create audience” and select “custom audience” from the drop-down menu. Then click “customer list” in the create a custom audience dialogue box. Simply upload a CSV file with your customer’s email addresses. You can also create a custom audience for website visitors. To do this, you need to install a custom audience pixel into the header of your website. You can also target by interest, however interest targeting is the least effective of the targeting options mentioned above.
  4. Create content for fans: Promote your content to interest audiences in order to build awareness for your brand and showcase how you build value for your customers. Worth noting is that Facebook allows you to promote three different types of website content to fans only: testimonial pages, blog content and sales messages.

By building a local fan base, setting goals and creating customized content for your audiences, you can start to increase your reach and exposure on Facebook and make your next paid campaign more successful!


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